Crude Palm Oil


+30.00 (+3.21%)

US Soybean Oil


-30.00 (-3.21%)

US Soybeans


-30.00 (-3.21%)

US Sugar #11


+30.00 (+3.21%)

US Soybean Meal


+30.00 (+3.21%)

London Cocoa


+30.00 (+3.21%)

Business solutions for Bulk Agric Commodities trading in West and Central Africa

Reliable and safe Import and Export solutions since 1986.

Euro / USD


+0.0048 (+0.44%)



+0.0048 (+0.44%)



+0.0048 (+0.44%)

Why choose us?

Quality Standards

Our FMCG products are sourced from the best suppliers and undergo rigorous quality checks before being exported or imported. Say goodbye to inconsistent quality and hello to premium products that will exceed your expectations.

Risk Management

We safeguard your investments from potential losses stemming from various risks, including financial uncertainties, market fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions, encompassing political, economic, technological, and operational challenges.

Efficient Logistics

Our extensive international network facilitates efficient product delivery, guaranteeing promptness and a smooth experience.

Competitive Pricing

Our market knowledge allows us to offer high-quality solutions at competitive prices. This ensures cost-effectiveness for your business, maximizing your profitability and securing your success.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying on top of legislation, trade regulations, and customs protocols is paramount to our operations. Through ongoing awareness, we effectively manage compliance risks, providing a foundation for peace of mind in our endeavors.

Our numbers speak volumes


+ 50,000 MT

Oils and Fats

Exported & imported over

+ 75,000 MT

Grains and Seeds


+ 5,000 MT

Cocoa Beans

We’re trusted by leading companies

What we offer

Bulk Direct Integra

Your One-Stop Solution for Streamlined Bulk Trading

At Bulk Direct, we specialize in sourcing and distributing high-quality agricultural products globally. With competitive pricing, we prioritize exceptional quality for our worldwide buyers. Our advanced packaging techniques ensure the safe transportation of products, with customized solutions for each order to guarantee optimal condition upon arrival.

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We cover: Sourcing, Consolidation, FX Sourcing & Documentation, Financing, Logistics Handling and Transport, Temporary Storage Solutions and Clearing.


We cover: Sourcing, Financing, Quality Control, Documentation, Packaging, Stuffing / Bulk Loading, Pre-Shipment Storage and Freight.

Our certifications

What we handle

We specialize in sourcing and consolidating bulk agricultural products for import and export, providing leading-edge solutions that deliver within budget.

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