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We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to importing and exporting agricultural produce. That's why we have developed our Integra Solution, a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance and simplify every stage of the export and import process. This service covers every aspect of the import-export journey, from documentation and compliance to logistics and transportation. With us, businesses gain access to a range of benefits that ensure a successful trade experience. Maximize your efficiency by redirecting your time, effort, and resources towards your core business activities.


Our extensive network of competent suppliers allows us to source the highest quality agricultural produce. By partnering with Bulk Direct, businesses can tap into this network and gain access to a wide range of products, meet the diverse needs of their customers and have a reliable supply of top-quality produce at their fingertips.


International shipping can be complex, but with Integra Solutions, it's hassle-free. Our strong partnerships with reliable freight and logistics providers mean you get competitive rates and smooth transportation for your goods. We focus on timely delivery, cutting transit times and minimizing the risk of delays or disruptions.


International trade can be lucrative, but securing financing can be difficult. Enter Integra Solution - we provide tailored financing options designed for the unique needs of businesses engaged in import and export. Understanding the challenges in trade, our goal is to help businesses access funds, supporting export operations by mitigating currency and commodity risks.


When it comes to shipping, exportation or importation, a myriad of documents must be completed and submitted in order to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. We specialize in handling complex documentation, from permits to customs clearance, ensuring full compliance with regulations. We manage intricate details for seamless transactions, placing you in the capable hands with our expert.

Quality Control

At our company, quality is our top priority in every aspect of trading. Our team of experts go through thorough inspections to ensure that all products meet the highest standards. By partnering with Bulk Direct, businesses can have confidence in the quality of their exported goods, enhancing customer satisfaction and building a strong reputation in the market, safeguarding your reputation and enhancing satisfaction.

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Exchange Rate Volatility


Exchange rate volatility, particularly in Nigeria, poses a significant risk to financial stability and profitability. Here’s why:

Increased Costs

Fluctuating exchange rates impact import/export costs, jeopardizing competitive pricing and profitability.

Unstable Financial Projections

Sporadic rate fluctuations challenge accurate forecasting, undermining long-term planning.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Exchange rate volatility disrupts the global supply chain, causing delays, increased costs, and potential revenue loss.


To mitigate risks and safeguard financial well-being, consider the following measures:

Hedging Strategies:

Implement policies to hedge against currency exposure, stabilizing costs and ensuring financial planning certainty.

Evaluate Local Sourcing

Assess sourcing materials locally to reduce dependence on imports, mitigating currency-related risks.

Collaborate with Financial Institutions

Engage with trusted financial institutions for innovative solutions to manage exchange rate risks, receiving tailored advice.



We procure all agricultural commodities produced in West Africa for export.


Our financing options include CAD, LC arrangements, and Advance Payments to secure more competitive pricing.

Quality Control

We maintain a standard operating procedure to ensure that products are well-dried, sorted, and graded to meet international standards.

Regulatory Documentation

Our Logistics department takes care of all the necessary documentation, including third-party inspections for our customers.


Depending on our overseas customers' requirements, we handle both bulk and specific packaging requests in accordance with global best practices.

Stuffing or Bulk Loading

We expertly handle consignments, whether it involves bulk loading onto vessels, stuffing containers in bulk, or any other packaging method, to meet our customers' precise requirements.


We manage both charter vessels and container freight, including road haulage, to secure competitive rates, whether on a CFR or FOB basis.

Pre-Shipment Storage

This is primarily used for bulk vessels when necessary, providing a temporary facility (silos, tanks, warehouses) in close proximity to the port for loading bulk vessels based on volume, avoiding demurrage.



Say goodbye to sourcing headaches! Our import division specializes in delivering premium FMCG agricultural products sourced from the best of our network of sources across West and Central Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia. Rest assured, your needs are met with quality and reliability.


When importing bulk cargo, dry bulk or tankers, we consolidate orders from various Blu Chi companies to maximize the shipment load resulting in a lower cost for each customer.

FX Sourcing and Documentation

Ease your currency concerns with our expertise in FX sourcing and documentation. Our team specializes in helping you secure the best exchange rates and navigate the necessary paperwork for your international transactions. From managing currency conversions, hedging, to handling documentation, we make sure your imports are hassle-free.


We use a mix of our customer and corporate overseas funding to ensure orders are fulfilled on time and on a plan with no delays.

Logistics Handling and Transport

Whether handling dry bulk, bulk tanker vessels, road transport or Containers, we have the experience to manage smooth operations through meticulous planning and organization in advance of shipment arrivals to ensure no demurrage has incurred.

Temporary Storage Solutions

We have access to storage facilities including tank farm, silos and warehouses in key port locations built on our long standing our relationships, experience and transactions with various business partners across the region.


We ensure full compliance with all government agencies.